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Whenever we talk about sports betting books or guides we think of self help books that will teach us various tricks to win the game, or will be about things like different techniques of the e-game. Unlike all other books, The Hustler is a story book that deals about the life of the people in a billiard room.

It definitely does not have any proven formulas to help you win millions, but it surely has a story to tell us about the personal life of the players and about the game and the way it was played.

The Hustler definitely has very gripping stories that travels through the grim by lanes of the billiard room on a journey that involves the power, politics and money and also a lot of human emotions.

The book contains very profound ideas that often we miss out in the rat race of life. The ideas are presented very beautifully and in the conversationalist style which gives the book a unique feel.

It is well known that if you want to win a game, then you must develop deep into the psyche of the opponent. The book helps to do exactly this. If you manage to master this art then all other tricks will be just small milestones that you can achieve very easily.

This game will walk through the very basics of how you can control the game and interact with your shot. The Hustler poolroom makes its living by betting its opponents in various types of games as a part of Betting Process.

write by Kieran