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Sports watches can be very valuable items for both men and women who have active lifestyles. When participating in outdoor activities, whether it be cycling, running, hiking, and so on, not just any watch will do. Besides, wearing a nice formal watch just isn’t practical. They are not built to handle the rigors of outdoor activities, and don’t provide the functions that are required.

If you are interested in buying a sports watch as a gift or for yourself, then you have the task of selecting from thousands of different ones. Watches vary in terms of the functions, style, and features they possess. The positive however is that you should be able to find a watch that meets your criteria.

Budget is ultimately the first consideration, unless money is no object. The entry-level watches are very basic and affordable for anyone. For instance, for as low as $10-15, you can buy a Timex sports watch online. On the high end, sports watches can cost nearly six figures. Most people aren’t willing to make that type of investment, but you get the point. You can pretty much spend as much as you want to on a watch.

Beyond budget, the next question to be asked is what activities will the watch be used for. For instance, if you are a runner, then you’ll want to buy a watch that is geared towards that. Hikers will most likely want a watch that has GPS capability.

There are sports watches that are designed for running, cycling, diving, swimming, fitness, climbing, and hiking. Therefore, it’s obvious but very important to get a watch that suits your needs. You may even have to buy a couple watches if participate in several of these activities. has thousands of watches that can be sorted by activity. That certainly helps narrow it down quite a bit.

What matters is that the watch does what you need it to. In general, the more expensive the watch, the more functions and features it will have. Some can be downright complicated to use.

Water resistance depth is a function to take a look at. If you enjoy scuba diving, then be sure that the depth is great enough so the watch will still function. For scuba diving, the depth will need to be at least 150 meters, and swimming requires at least 100 meters depth.

If the watch is going to worn a lot, then durability is a big key. Runners in particular will need a watch that is built to last. Getting a watch with shock resistance should be a consideration.

write by Renaldo Davis