Wellies is the colloquial names for a pair of wellingtons, a type of heavy rubber boot that keeps your feet dry and comfortable in the rain, snow and in no matter what kind of muck you are trudging through. Normally city clickers who never put their feet anywhere even mildly mucky never admire these sorts of heavy out door shoes and most people think of them as ugly green boots that their mum made them wear to school as a child on days when it was raining.

The trendy and fashionable set though know that wellies have come a long long way since those ugly green and tan rubber boots that you wore as a kid. Today wellies are some of the coolest all weather shoes that you can wear whether you are in town or in the country. Whether you are trudging through the middle of the city or in a mucky field while it is raining in the back or beyond, they will make sure your feet remain warm and dry.

The one place where you are bound to see wellies this summer though specially if you are a music lover living in the UK is at the music festivals coming up. At events such as the famous Glastonbury music festival this summer you are bound to see literally thousands of festival wellies being worn by almost every person at the festival if the previous years have been anything to go by.

Todays wellies are nothing like the ones you remember wearing as a child and festival wellies are some of the coolest and hottest pieces of footwear on the market today. At music festivals you will see people of all ages sporting fashionable wellies in all colours of the rainbow from black to navy blue and even pink and orange.

That is not all. Some celebrities have been spotted wearing customised wellies with silver chains on them and now designers are incorporating semi precious jewels and crystals into their latest bespoke wellies to make you truly stand out from the crowd. Recently a famous phone company even came up with wellies that will actually use the energy you generate while walking around and dancing at these festivals to recharge your mobile phone!

Wellies are not just for the festivals either as women are wearing new styles of the most fashionable wellies to picnics and country outings that make them look great even when they are knee deep in mud and dirt. Online stores have the latest styles with wild colours and wacky prints to keep with the fun atmosphere at music festivals.

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