One of the biggest problems a girl can find herself in involves deciding what to buy for her prom. Females are generally more confused than men when it comes to shopping. Often they don’t like anything in the market, or, on the other hand, they like everything and cannot decide which one to buy. This situation is made worse because different designers have launched different ranges of dresses which are completely different from each other, and it causes one to wonder which one to pick and which one not to.

Another problem which women face is the lack of know-how regarding the art of shopping and bargaining. For instance, when a prom or a party is near, girls are in a desperate need of a suitable dress. As a result, they would walk around the market, see a couple of dresses, and eventually they will be undecided,which might cause them to pick up an overly expensive and completely inappropriate dress. To shop perfectly, you ought to have some tips in your mind. First you need to know the basic difference between prom and cocktail dresses.

Prom dresses
Prom dresses are considered to be more formal, sophisticated and less revealing. They are ideal for family gatherings, prom nights, evening parties and other formal functions. They are normally long in length. Some of them reach the ankles, while others might be long enough to fall on the ground. Prom dresses have many different styles. You can always go for the one which suits you the best. Famous types of prom dresses include, ballroom Gowns, A-Line, High-Low, Lace-Covered, Baby Doll, One-Shoulder, and Golden Glamour.

Cocktail dresses
Cocktail dresses are considered to be less formal, dashing and a bit more revealing. They are short in length and are generally considered ideal for high school parties and get together with friends, although a lot of girls have started wearing them to the proms too.

How to get that ‘perfect’ dress
Once you have understood the difference between prom and cocktail dresses, then you can make up your mind about which one to buy. The next step is finding that right dress. Visit the shop which has a wide variety and flexible rates. Pick up a dress which you like and try it on.

Always remember, prom dresses run a size smaller than the usual one, but this rule does not apply to cocktail dresses. It’s better if you get assistance from one of the sales crew to help you try the dress. They know better about which size would go with which body type.

Next is to keep an open mind. There is always the chance that you might go for a dress which you never thought of wearing before that evening. Ask a friend or a sibling for an opinion. Take three or four dresses into consideration and then decide. Always bargain if you think the rates are higher than it’s worth. Don’t take a lot of time to make your decision.

Some tips
Always try to shop during January or February. This is the time when there are new styles available and the sale of these dresses is on its peak. Make sure that you purchase the matching shoes and jewelry on the same day, so that you would actually have an idea about how would you look like at your party.

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write by Mital Patel