Bloch is a company that has been making professional-quality shoes for the top names in dance since 1932, when a man named Jacob Bloch started making pointe shoes by hand for the period’s best performers. Today, the company’s product line has expanded to include apparel and footwear for other styles of dance, like jazz and tap.

Jazz is a style of dance that is used frequently in musical theater and Broadway-type performances. A Bloch jazz shoe provides excellent support for the endless list of dance moves used in a given routine. Some jazz shoes look more like a strong ballet slipper, while others more closely resemble an athletic sneaker with a stronger, more durable upper and heel support.

Bloch jazz shoes come in many different styles and materials to suit the needs of individual dancers. From lace-up shoes to slip-ons, leather, suede, or canvas uppers, from basic rubber soles to split soles to deep arches with air-reinforced heels, there are numerous choices.

Jazz dancers sometimes perform at a frenetic pace, and may jump, spin, and turn frequently while dancing. During practice and lessons, the sneaker style is usually worn for more support and stability while getting familiar with a routine. For performances, a lighter jazz shoe with a soft leather upper that breathes well is usually the preferred choice.

There are “best sellers” among Bloch jazz shoes, styles that are attractive, comfortable, and versatile for a particular audience. The Boost DRT is one such model. It has a full suede leather upper with mesh details, and a high arch that separates its split sole design. It also has a specially padded, air cushion heel for better shock absorption. It also comes in pink suede or cherry on black.

The Elasta Bootie is another popular model, which is an elastic slip-on that has a split sole and strong leather upper. The mid-cut style and sturdy heel pad suits the dancer who wants more flexibility to pivot and spin. It also has a toe shape that makes it easier to assume a demi pointe position.

The Super Jazz is a stronger version of the Elasta Bootie, and represents one of the best Bloch jazz shoes the company sells. This low-cut shoe has a full, soft leather upper with a seamless elastic insert and 100% cotton lining for maximum comfort and support. It is a lightweight, solid performer that dance instructors often turn to for their students.

Lastly, the Slipstream shoe is a unique model that has a mesh arch and an air-punched insole that breathes very well, as well as an inner lining that wicks moisture away from the foot. The super-light shoe also has a specifically shaped top line upper that relieves stress on the Achilles tendon when dancers flex “on pointe.”

All in all, Bloch jazz shoes are designed to last, and the entire Bloch brand is an excellent choice for dance footwear and apparel. They support several of professional dance’s brightest stars, and their legendary reputation consistently brings forth the best merchandise available for student and professional dancers.

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