Avril Lavigne is an American rock star. She owns the fashion line known as Abbey Dawn. This was a nickname that her dad gave to her when she was young. Avril thought the name was cool to use for her fashion line. She eventually launched it in 2008. The Abbey Dawn fashion line started out by making only clothes for girls. The footwear line got underway that same year and launched off in Germany. Some months after tt had a special showing in Las Vegas and has since evolved from a single pair of shoes to over 40 footwear styles for women alone.

The Abbey Dawn shoe wear is a reflection of who Avril really is. Avril claims to be a non-comformist who always wants to do things differently. Her first shoe designs were inspired from her own personal shoe collection that she randomly picked out from her wardrobe. However, since working with experienced professionals over the years, the brand has blossomed and gained more confidence to compete with more popular brands.

Avril Lavigne’s footwear collection is unique, rebellious and daring. They are meant to be worn by women with an eccentric fashion sense, who are looking to cause a commotion wherever they go. The Avril shoe collection is avaialble in feminine friendly colors like pink, purple, red, black and blue. Abbey Dawn shoes have always had a rock star vibe. This is why most of them have glittering spikes all over and are made in daring animal prints.

The Abbey Dawn footwear line for women comes in a mixed style of boots, sneakers, flip-flops, heels and ballet flats. Avril Lavinge admits an Asian influence on her shoes as well. She confesses that the unorthodx fashion style of Asian teenagers especially in Japan appeal greatly to her.

The Avril Lavigne collection is for women who want a racy look and are not shy when it comes to expressing themselves. The Ladies Black Star platform is a rock chic classic shoe that comes in a laced up boot. It has upper and lower straps from top to bottom. They are great for girls who want to add a little bit of height to their frame. There is also the Ladies Tough Crowd shoe which is a glittery platform with skulls imprinted on a black bow These shoes are great party poppers!

There are hordes of Abbey Dawn shoes every woman should strive to have and add to her collection. These shoes include, the Heartcore Ballerina Flat Shoes, Ladies MFB Leopard Prints, Ladies Rockstar Loafers, Ladies Tartan Flat Shoes, Starstruck T-Bar Platform Peep and the Ladies WTH Studded Deep Toe.

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