If you’re a Twilight Saga fan, you may have seen Isabella Marie “Bella” Swan in a product from Patagonia outdoors wear, specifically the Rubicon Puff Jacket, designed for waterproof warmth and freedom of movement. But if you’re into designer fashions, you might not care that it’s waterproof or that it lets you move: You’re just wearing it to look good, right?

For decades, the rich and the famous have been sporting more than top design fashion-and rightly so. Whether you’re talking the men’s North Face Denali Jacket in Phantom Red, a women’s Kangol Furgora Cap in cheery blue or a men’s Patagonia R2 Jacket in basic black, you’re talking high tech design, sleek features, and an industry that knows high-tech materials and functionality plus a strong measure of style.

Outdoor sportswear and designer clothing-melded with an existing wardrobe under the educated eye of someone who carries a clear sense of style and who can re-appropriate a designer’s vision to enforce their own-indeed make a dynamic duo. High style features you’ll find in everything from a men’s North Face hoodie to a pair of women’s Puma “Paris” pants (complete with silver grommets and the Puma Cat logo embroidered near the leg hem and on the back right pocket) include:

Colors and designs on the cutting edge of seasonal trends: outdoor sportswear is not shy about color and designers seem to have a strong penchant for making the most of functionality for the ultimate “cool factor.”

Multi-purpose features that bring versatility to the closet: Take, for example, a women’s Patagonia Litha Skirt, a lightweight, organic cotton slash Tencel® piece that travels well, drapes like a dream, and works just as well as a top as it does a skirt.

And speaking of organic cotton… Outdoor sportswear has been in the front of the bus for years in reducing the carbon footprint while protecting the planet. What’s trendier than that?

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write by Annabella