Here are a few tips on some important items you want to have with you when you are out taking pictures in inclement weather. These are a few ideas for us die-hard photographers, who are not going to let a little rain or snow get in our way.

From time to time, for whatever reason, we photographers will be out in some nasty wet weather taking pictures. If you are out taking pictures of a storm and get caught in it, or out taking pictures after a beautiful snow, you need to know how to protect your photography equipment as well as yourself.

My favorite time to take nature photography is just after a rain. The rain gives nature a shower and everything looks so clean and the colors and more saturated. The leaves of trees are greener and the bark is darker. Grasses show their natural colors more brilliantly. The darker sky is going to set a “mood” for your pictures and the light and shadows problem isn’t going to be an issue for you.

Who doesn’t like it when it snows! A beautiful white snow covered landscape is a wonderful shot for a nature photographer. Everyday objects can become beautiful works of art when covered in snow. Something as simple as tree branches covered in snow can make an interesting and beautiful picture.

Now as you are out taking your wonderful pictures, you need to protect your photo equipment. Here are a few simple things you may want to do.

· I take a simple plastic bag to cover my camera and lens to keep any rain or snow out. It doesn’t have to be a big deal; a plastic grocery bag or a large zip-lock bag will do just fine.

· I also grab a handful of rubber bands so I can keep the bag tight where I need it.

· A neoprene lens cover is a good thing to have anytime. Not only will it help keep the rain off your lens, it will also help protect your lens against scratches.

· I also take a dry towel because I know something is going to get wet that shouldn’t! A small size hand towel should do.

· If you use a tripod, I would spray it down, lightly, with a little silicon spray to help keep the water out of the legs.

Next, you want to protect yourself from the rain and snow also. I would choose a lined nylon hoodie, with lots of pockets. In these pockets, I am going to have several things.

· My small dry hand towel, you know you are going to need it.

· I am going to take an extra plastic bag, just in case I need it and my rubber bands.

· Be sure and take an extra memory card, better safe than sorry!

· I always, always keep an extra battery with me, but usually leave it in the car.

· I normally shoot with my Canon 70-300mm telephoto lens, because it gives me so much flexibility, but I will take my wide-angle lens also and I will have put it in a waterproof bag.

· You may also want to take a pair of gloves if you are taking pictures in the snow.

· Last, but not least, my cell phone. I will leave it turned OFF, but it is there if I need it.

Don’t forget to wear your boots! Rubber boots are a must, there is little worse than wet, cold feet. If you are going to be out most of the day, I would also put an extra pair of dry socks in the car. Take a nutrition bar or two and a couple of bottles of water. One more thing…if it is spring, summer or fall, don’t forget the bug spray!

Now, the next time you go out to take some beautiful nature photography after a rain or snow, you have some ways to protect your equipment and yourself. Now don’t forget to have fun and stay dry!

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write by Patrick