There is no doubt that clothing and apparel makes a great gift item, but what are the easiest apparel gifts to buy and which ones should you consider avoiding? Here are some ideas and tips for making the right apparel gift choices:

Blouses, Sweaters, Shirts and Tops

A beautiful blouse, shirt or gorgeous and elegant sweater is a classy gift for any man or woman. One thing you must be careful of, however, is the sizing. You must make sure you know the correct size needed, otherwise you run the risk of needing to return or exchange the item. A woman will certainly enjoy a cashmere sweater as a gift. A man will certainly appreciate the gift of a name brand dress shirt or a polo shirt.


Hoodies are certainly easier to size than blouses, sweaters and other tops. Hoodies are also supremely comfortable and warm and make a good gift for any winter holiday or birthday. Hoodies are available in many colors and with many designs. Probably the most popular type of hoodie is one that advertises a sports team, whether a professional or a college team.


A relatively easy gift to size for is a t-shirt. Most t-shirts come in four main sizes, small, medium and large and extra large, but you can sometimes choose plus sizes and even extra small. You can often tell the right size by looking at the t-shirt, but its always safest to go a size up when choosing a t-shirt, unless the person likes to wear their t-shirts very tight. T-shirts come in every shade of every color, plain or with lettering, with sports team logos, music and band logos, advertising related designs, floral and nature art, quotes and wording of all kinds, symbols, animals, cartoon characters and just about anything else you can think of. A t-shirt is one of the most comfortable, useful and practical apparel gifts that you can give.


If you prefer not to have to deal with trying to get the right sizes of clothing, consider a gift that is generally considered “one size fits all”, like a scarf, pair of gloves or sunglasses.

Other Options

Not technically under the apparel category but still a fashion related option to consider is perfume, cologne or jewelry. How about a watch for your husband’s birthday or a necklace or earrings for your wife at Christmas? There is an endless array of options in this area and you won’t need to worry as much about sizing, unless you choose to buy a ring, of course.

Gift Cards

A gift card or gift certificate to their favorite store might be considered taking the easy way out, but many people prefer this type of gift since it allows them the freedom to choose their own “perfect” gift. A gift card is certainly something to consider if you are pulling your hair out trying to find just the right gift.

Apparel Gifts To Avoid

Gifts like shoes, hats and dresses are apparel items you should consider avoiding due to sizing issues.

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