How can you become a ninja at home? Easy. Here are 2 ways to turn yourself into a modern day ninja without leaving your home.

1. Clothing.

Most of the clothing you’ll need to turn into a ninja you may already have in your home, or else you can easily order online.

Black Hoodie: A black hoodie is great modern day ninja clothing. Very versatile, subtle, and modern. The large one pocket across the midsection provides excellent weapon or supply storage, and the hood can easily be thrown up for instant ninja transformation.

Pants: Black loose fitting cargo pants. These are great for the pockets, overall versatility and toughness. They are comfortable enough for running and jumping as well.

Shoes: For shoes i prefer wrestling shoes. You may not have wrestling shoes at home, but you can easily get them for cheap on ebay. Look for black shoes. These are very light, comfortable and excellent for walking around unnoticed.

2. Online Ninja Manual.

The second aspect to become a ninja at home requires an online manual which will provide you with the training necessary which you can perform in your house. Otherwise you will be looking at having to find a ninja camp or a school which teaches ninja training. Both can be difficult to find and time consuming to get involved with. With an online manual you can become a ninja at home and start your training immediately. Not only will training be covered, but you will also learn important ninja history which is vital for studying and becoming a modern day ninja.

black t shirt
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write by campbell